Thursday, April 04, 2013

2013 Touring Schedule

April 15, 2013
Chicago Accordion Club
Elmhurst American Legion Hall

August 9-11, 2013
6th Annual ACCORDIONS NOW! Music Festival

Courtyard Marriott

Nashua, New Hampshire
Contact: Donna Maria Regis

(603) 216-9582



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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you remember in your Tustin Accordion Studio in the late 1950's hiring me, Judith Craemer, one of your students to teach for you and lead the young band. I loved the experience and have since then been a teacher of music and art. In order to teach at the studio I had to get a work permit and a social security card; I was just in 8th grade at the time, but I was mature and talented so you hired me. You began my life long teaching career.
I thought of you today and am delighted to find so much about you on the internet. You were a big influence on me and I am forever grateful.


10:18 PM  
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